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Besides this little introduction, my page is in German only. For now. deals with my ancestors,

esp. the following families:


Friedrich Beuger and Wilhelmine Meyer, Hildesheim vicinity

Wilhelm Burgdorf and Johanne Bütefisch, Hildesheim vicinity

Wilhelm Haubenreißer and Johanne Kalbreyer, Weißenfels and Hildesheim

Wilhelm Kiehne and Dina Lehrmann, Liebenburg and Australia (NSW or QLD)

Heinrich Meier and Wilhelmine Bertram, Gandersheim vicinity and Hildesheim

Heinrich Steinkamp and Bertha Kiehne, Liebenburg and Hildesheim


Almost all of them lived in the former Kingdom of Hanover which  now is Lower Saxony for the most part.

From Germany to the world

So far, I know of these of my

Ancestors who migrated to other countries (linked details in German only):


Wilhelm Kiehne b. 1851 in Heckenbeck, Gandersheim, with his wife and children:

Australia (NSW or QLD) 1890s
They came back to Germany (Liebenburg, Prussia / Hanover), but they supposedly had relatives who had moved to Australia earlier. These relatives might (!) have been Johanna Louise Sophie Kiehne, b. 1842  in Beinum (married to Hermann Hartmann of Othfresen) who lived in Dundee until the 1920s. There are quite a few missing links though! William Kiehne Kiene Diena Kiehne Bertha Berthe Keene


Engelhard Steinkamp b. 1844 in Dörnten, Liebenburg (Hanover):

USA (Wisconsin, a place that reads something like Therehaut or Tharnhaut, around 1860s Dornten

Engelhard was a son of Andreas Steinkamp and Ilse Marie Benecke, and a brother of Wilhelm Steinkamp.

excerpt of the lutheran church records of Dörnten, Liebenburg, Hannover, saying

"2 - worker Engelhard Steinkamp, husband, at  ....  in Wisconsin, North America"

(sorry, no better resolution available)


Wilhelm Fütterer b. 1867 in Dörnten, Liebenburg (Hanover): 

Australia 1880s. Futterer William Fitterer

Wilhelm was a son of Johanne Sophie Louise Fütterer,

and a grandson of Anton Fütterer and Johanne Mundt.


August Fütterer (Futterer / Fitterer) b. 1842 and his brother

Fritz (Friedrich) Fütterer b. 1838  in Immenrode (Hanover):

Australia 1860s.

August was a son of Anton Fütterer and brother of Louise Steinkamp.


Fritz (Fredrich) Höfling b. 1898? coming from Erfurt (Thuringia)Sweden c. 1920s.

Fritz was a son of Max Höfling and Anna Kiehne.

You'll find many more of my ancestors on "Namensuche".


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